At Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Spring 2023 Advanced Issues in Cognitive Science and Linguistics
Co-taught with Anna Szabolcsi (NYU).

At Cornell University

Fall 2021 Introduction to Linguistics (LING1101/COGST1105; undergraduate)
Problems in Semantics (LING6333/PHIL6700/COGST6333; graduate)
Spring 2021 Pragmatics Seminar (LING7711/PHIL6740; graduate)
Fall 2020 Introduction to Syntax & Semantics (LING3303; ungraduate)
Spring 2020 Semantics II (LING6422/PHIL6731; graduate)
Fall 2019 Problems in Semantics (LING6333/PHIL6700/COGST6333; graduate)

At HHU Düsseldorf

Summer 2019 Einführung in die Semantik (undergraduate)
Degree semantics (graduate)
Winter 2018/19 Tools and methods in semantics (undergraduate)
Intensional semantics (graduate)
Grundkurs Linguistik: Semantik (guest)
Summer 2018 Einführung in die Semantik (undergraduate)
Life beyond Grice (graduate)
Winter 2017/18 Semantics: essential tools (undergraduate)
Current topics in pragmatics (graduate)
Grundkurs Linguistik: Semantik (guest)

At UMass Amherst

Instructor Introduction to Linguistic Theory
Fall 2014, Spring 2016
TA Introduction to Semantics (w. Seth Cable)
Spring 2015
Language Acquisition (w. Tom Roeper)
Spring 2017
Introduction to Linguistic Theory (w. Kyle Johnson)
Spring 2014
People and Their Language (w. Peggy Speas & John Kingston)
Fall 2015, Fall 2013
Online People and Their Language
Winter 2016, Summer 2015, Summer 2014, Winter 2013